Latest projects

2020 Has begun with a lot of controversial problems. The Children’s Movement Namibia has done well to keep up with this Trend. 

From hosting a live Online tvShow TheRadicalShow on both facebook and youtube. The week before Namibia received it’s first Covid-19 case, we held our first Anti_Corona workshop, to teach people how to build N95 approved masks and Squeezy-Bottle.

We also started the year with a workshop on People’s rights and responsibilities. We also showcased the famous WonderBag  as a solution for keeping food liquids at a maintained temperature, this saves energy and hence it is good for the environment. We also have been advocating for strengthened laws against Gender Based Violence Perpetrators. 


Gobabis Workshop

Rights and Responsibilities

 Covid-19 enlightened the need for a workshop with regards to young people’s right to education. The workshop was led by our own Children’s Movement groomed, raised  and now Mentors Elias Hamutenya, Nimrod Oscar, Monrico, and Tino. 

July 2020



The Children’s Movement held a collaborative hands-on workshop with Forum For the Future. The workshop was extremely helpful with teaching the young people how to farm in an Urban settlement. The event involved Theory and Practicals. For the practicals, the participants had to prepare the land, and properly place the seeds to ensure better yield, watering and many more.

20 September 2020


Exco Meeting


Discussions on how the Children’s Movement can make positive impact under the current Covid-19 restrictions took place after the travel ban had been lifted. The Executive Committee is requested to meet-up every 4 Months. This was the first meeting of 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

5-6 September 2020



The Computers for Namibia and CHIMONA have seen a need of reducing the rapid migration of Children from rural areas to urban settlements for their studies. Hence Computers for Namibia (a Swiss-Namibian Collaboration)  through Children’s Movement Namibia have begun to address problems such as: Absence  of IT infrastructures,  Electrification, Absolution  facilities,  lack of I.T. gadgets by taking the slow but essential steps. Among the beneficiaries is a grade 1-5 school in the Oshikoto region. Special Thanks to: Computers for Namibia and the Ministry of International Relations and many of the Contributors.

August-September 2020

Garden Project South

Gardening for the Future

Klein Aub is situated 200km south of Windhoek with a population of approximately 750 people. Income is generated through farm work and tourism.
The community garden was started in April with the generous support of friends and family from Germany.
The environment here is very harsh with rocky ground, frost, heat and wind. This is why we chose to cover the whole Garden and plant in bags.
The positive is that we have good water!
We will gather experience this year to build a foundation of knowledge for the coming years.
We have planted: potatoes, cabbage, beetroot, maize, onions, carrots, tomatoes, salad, cucumber, greenpepper, peanuts, watermelon, butternut and some fruit trees.
After the initial investment the ongoing costs are basically labour. Hopefully we will come to a point were we work in exchange for veggies. 

June – August 2020

Girl Child Campaign

Girl Child Campaign

The CHIMONA prepared and participated in a number of activities on The International Girl Child Day, from having widespread marches against violence towards women and young girls, to handing over petitions for policy reforms towards ”Rape Culture” as well as preparing a calendar for the activities that the CHIMONA girl child would like to focus on between October 2020 until December 2021. The discussions also varied from how the CHIMONA. The protests were also joined by other civil movement members such as Studens Union Namibia, Ombudsman Office, and many more.

9 – 11 October 2020

Children's Day Campaign

Awareness Campaign

The Children’s Movement held an awareness campaign in the Spirit of the Internantional Children’s Day/Week and we also took this chance to raise our voice against the consisting rise in Gender Based Violence.

21 November 2020