The Radio-Programme is a live radio platform that was started by the Children’s Movement. It is a platform that was established to allow the the youth at large a platform to speak out about their views on the different issues affecting the country, organise marches, pass information about upcoming workshops as well as the results of the workshops that have taken place. Nimrod Oscar(in green uniform) and Alina Daniels(in black) and their guest speaker from Concordia High School. We now have a facebook-live on “The children’s movement-Namibia” page on facebook, The Frequency for the Radio Show is “106.2” every Wednesday @ 13:30 anywhere in Namibia. 


The Cleaning Campaign is held by our Southern Children’s Movement in Keetmanshoop.  The Campaign was organised by the Kharas Region Children’s Movement in collaboration with other neighbourhood participants. This has been planned to be made the first in a nationwide cleaning campaign held by the Children’s Movement. 


The Global School is a collaboration between the Ungar Örnar Väst from Sweden and the Children’s Movement Namibia. It is a forum in which people share their knowledge, experience, discuss problems and share the knowledge they’ve acquired from their geographical regions. It is a place in which the Ungar Örnar Väst and the Children’s Movement further their relationships by having an annual meeting with representatives from the South, Central  and  North within the workshop the representatives, from Ungar Örnar Väst  visit  Namibia and representatives are sent to represent the Children’s Movement in Sweden. The picture is of the April 2019 Global School @Kleines Heim.


The Re-Usable Sanitary Pads. were developed as a result of having girls that were entering into teenage-hood, missing school days as they were either too shy to tell their parents that they needed Pads or having the resources to buy sanitary pads for themselves. The Sanitary Pads has been one of the Children’s Movement main project since the 2015. The Pads are made and distributed by the Children’s Movement members in the separate locations.


The Workshop was the first of its kind as it was a collaboration of The Children’s Movement, Sister Namibia and Forum For the Future(FFF). We had speakers talking and leading the conversation on Feminism (Tinomudaishe Ndhlovu), Rape Culture (Ayaka Abrahams) and Toxic Masculinity (Asante Katiti). The workshops’ goal was to bring the attention on how different people view these critical areas as well as show that they are inter-related. Needless to say the workshop led to the rise of more men that didn’t believe in Feminism at first changing their opinions as the workshop progressed. We also saw how most women and men had suffered from rape culture in more than one way. June 01 2019 Held at Jakob Marengo Tutorial College.


The WonderBag is designed to act as an alternative slow cooker. Its main use is to save electricity by building up enough heat when the pot has been brought to a boil. The amount of time that it takes to cook the food will undoubtedly depend on the type of food in the pot. The WonderBag can be used when travelling long distances, knowing that the food will be ready upon arrival. It has been used during workshops to cook food through the night. 2019 Jakob Marengo Tutorial College.


The campaign to promote the sanitary pads and hygiene is meant to make as many people aware of the program as we possibly can. The image is of the Dr Lemme High School pupils in Rehoboth. They are being told more about the importance of the Re-Usable Sanitary Pad and how this can lead to an improvement in their personal hygiene and health. It’s also the cheaper option with good quality and it’s re-usable. May 2019


The Sleeping Bag project was started in 2016 June. Its main objective is to act as a Sleeping Bag for the Street Kids. The importance of this project is created by the harsh winters and nights of Namibia in which most street kids don’t have blankets. It is made out of re-usable materials and it can fit 1-2 people. It can be easily folded to allow for easy carrying and transportation which is can help the street kids should blankets not be available. May 2019

The Garden Project

It was a tree planning project that was done with the pre-scholars. It was done under Respect for the environment. The planting of trees was a way of teaching the very young youth about the importance of reducing climate change by means of planting more trees than were being used. New Dawn Development Center Keetmanshoop May 13th 2019.

Gender-Awareness Day

The Gender awareness Day was a collaboration between the Children’s Movement South and the Karasburg Junior Council. The day acted as Opposite Day, with the boys doing things(e.g. playing netball) that ladies normally do. They had this day as a way that the opposing genders could better understand positions their opposing genders were put in. The day ended with a demonstrating of the sanitary pads and the squeeze bottle. Karusburg June 2018.

The Childrens Movement-JMTC DEBATE

The Debate Society has been fundamental in the participating in the various High-Schools competitions. It is one of the biggest platforms in Namibia. A lot of social, economic, environmental and political issues are often debated on the Energy 100fm Debate. Most of the issues debated are the topics that easily flow with the Aims of the Childrens Movement. The Debate Society also plans to hold an annual Debating Competition under the name of the Children’s Movement.  June 11th 2019.

The Children's Rights campaign

The “CHIMONA EAGLE” mentors, have been leading the campaign for the recognition of the rights of children and the underpriviledged young people in accordance with the United Nations portfolio on promoting childrens rights. The document is handed over to the UN every five years under the government. TCM has been helping with being providing free sound equipment and being their dj under the Childrens Movement banner. He has also been able to arrange for a fun day at Windhoek Spin City, a Soccer match and many more events. Most of the children are homeless.

2019 RECAP

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uNGA Orna Award
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